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An-JAN Feed & Pet Supply
AN-JAN Feed & Pet Supply customer orders have between 50 and 200 different items on each shipment. The company was plagued by errors where the wrong item or wrong quantities were shipped.

AN-JAN implemented the optional Pick/Verify feature in CounterPoint by Radiant Systems. As the warehouseman packs the customer order, each item is scanned by a Metrologic MS9535 wireless scanner and recorded by the CounterPoint software. The system alerts the warehouseman to wrong quantities and substituted items. Errors are thus immediately corrected, ensuring that the customer receives the items ordered.

Customers now accept the accuracy of AN-JAN's shipping documents and, in the event of receiving discrepancies, have the warehouseman recheck their counts.

Bar code scanning and Pick/Verify has made the warehouse staff more efficient. Two people are doing the work of five and in less time.