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Passport Business Systems
Passport Business Systems products are targeted at manufacturers, wholesale distributors and general accounting (legacy accounting) users.

The Legacy Accounting packages include:
        Accounts Receivable
        Accounts Payable
        General Ledger
        Checkbook Reconciliation
        Professional Time & Billing

Each legacy package operates independently to manage a specific aspect of the company's operation. The packages integrate through the general ledger and checkbook reconciliation to give a complete picture of the company's financial position.

The Wholesale Distribution packages include:
        Inventory Control
        Customer Order Entry
        Purchase Order
        Sales Analysis
        Job Cost

The distribution packages add advanced functions to the Legacy modules. For example, Customer Order Entry requires Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control. When combined, the Wholesale distribution packages provide a complete solution for the distributor.

The Passport Legacy and Distribution products benefit from 25 years of product development as they are derived from the Real World/Microsoft Classic programs. Passport has updated the programs to incorporate the latest programming technology while maintaining stability and strong audit trail capabilities.

The Manufacturing Management packages include:
        Inventory Management
        Product Definition
        Master Scheduling & MRP
        Custom Order Processing
        Purchase Order Processing
        Capacity Planning
        Shop Floor Control
        Manufacturing Job Costing

The Manufacturing packages enable the small to medium sized manufacturer to monitor production progress, track product costs and plan for the future. Hooked into the Legacy products, the company has complete business management, financial reporting and total control.