Equipment Support
Training Support
Complete Training and Total Support for Peace of Mind
Our goal at Southland Associates is to help you become more productive, to realize greater profits and help you grow your business. We want you to feel assured that you will get the most out of your purchase, that installation and configuration will be done with minimal disruption, and that your new business management system is up and running and ready-to-use.

Computer and Equipment Support
Southland Associates is a Hewlett Packard authorized reseller. We provide servers, desktop PCs, laptops and printers manufactured by this world leader. Because HP has outstanding field engineering support reps, Southland includes an on-site or depot repair guarantee with every HP product we sell.

The basic HP warranty can be uplifted to a multiple year support agreement with the field engineer coming to your location at any time, 7 days a week, within 4 hours of your call, to resolve a problem.

Southland also supplies equipment by other manufacturers. Most equipment has a multi-year warranty with a "spare in the air" policy.

Southland sets up your equipment, installs the operating system and business software package. Our technicians configure your equipment and software to the requirements identified during the pre-sale cycle.

Occasionally, a software package needs a small tweak. That's why Southland does custom programming. We add needed functionality to an otherwise complete package. We help you identify the change that needs to be made, write the programming specification and modify the code to your needs.

We deliver an operating and useable system tailored to your business requirements.

Complete Training Support
Southland Associates stands behind every package we sell. We are commited to offering outstanding, continuing support, before, during, and after the product sale.We are available to resolve any technical issues you encounter - from software and equipment operations, we work hard to respond to problems quickly and efficently.

Software Training and Support
End User training is vital to the success of your new business management solution. Southland offers several alternatives to suit your needs.

Training Over the Internet
Your employees can learn a new software package or job function sitting at their desk. All they need is a PC and an internet connection to access complete training online, at any time. Instruction is presented clearly with examples to follow for quick learning.

Software Publisher Provided Training
Software publishers such as Radiant Systems and Sage Software have training centers located in different regions of the country. You and your employees receive instruction from highly trained instructors at authorized training centers.

For special situations, both Radiant and Sage will design special curriculum and send a qualified instructor to your office to train your employees.

Southland Training
Southland places self paced training materials on our Customer Web site. Download the materials you need and work at your own pace.

To complement self paced training, Southland also provides instructor led training so that your staff can ask questions and resolve basic issues while they learn core competences. An instructor will come to your location for a half day or full day training session. If you prefer, come to our offices for training where there will be no interruptions and your staff can concentrate on learning.

Outstanding After Sales Support
Your business needs change, unexpected situations arise or maybe somebody just plain goofed. You need help and you need it fast.

Southland offers many software and equipment support packages to serve you.

Software Publisher Support
The publisher of your software package often provides end user support, by telephone only. Support programs vary. Please ask your Southland rep for specific details.

Telephone Support
Phone support is an effective, low cost vehicle for answering questions and resolving problems. Southland phone support is available on a contractual basis. Telephone support is available in blocks of 4 hours, though you can add additional support time as needed.

Most support issues can be resolved over the phone by a support technician using remote connections to your server. For those few problems that cannot be resolved in this manner, or for those who prefer personal service, Southland provides additional support packages.

On-Site Support
A trained support technician will come to your site to resolve your issue, answer questions and get your installation back on track.

Consulting and Custom Support
Support packages can be combined or customized to address any issues. Southland is committed to customer satisfaction.

We supply HP servers and desktops for greatest reliability, and HP's  field engineering staff is available whenever there are problems.

We custom modify software packages to resolve your unique requirements. Southland only sells a limited number of software solutions and therefore can be an expert in all of them. We'll get an answer and resolve your issue fast.