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Golden Gate Equipment
Golden Gate Equipment warehousemen took physical counts that required the company to shut down for a week to count inventory and tally the sheets. The shutdown resulted in a loss in sales and customer goodwill.

To reduce downtime and improve item identification and counting accuracy, Southland recommended handheld data collection units with built in bar code scanners. The devices were preloaded with a catalog of the company's products using the SQL Connection option in CounterPoint by Radiant Systems. The scanned data was linked to the Physical Count module in CounterPoint.

When the warehouseman scans an item, the handheld displays the item description and price. Warehouseman can double check the accuracy of the catalog and keep track of counting progress.

Inventory count data is uploaded from the handheld to the Physical Count module where CounterPoint validates the information a second time and tallies it.

Physical counts can be done in an 8 hour shift. Count information is available almost immediately after the last item is scanned.