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Kaufer's Religious Supply
Kaufer’s Religious Supply used a warehouse shipping and billing package to manage their retail operation. The salesperson entered the items selected by the customer into a sales order. Many of the items were priced incorrectly so the salesperson often had to revise the prices. Additionally, credit cards were run through a separate terminal for authorization.

Kaufer’s switched to CounterPoint for its retail salesperson friendly environment and integrated draft capture. The salesperson uses a bar code scanner to document customer purchases. CounterPoint automatically assigns the correct retail price, obtains credit authorization and prints a sales receipt for customer signature.

The company also receives orders from customers from the website and by telephone as well as from wholesale customers. CounterPoint automatically prices wholesale and retail orders correctly. The integration of CounterPoint with UPS Worldship transfers the customer address to the package label and returns freight charges and a tracking number for the customer invoice.

Inventory and customer tracking, accurate, real-time data, and seamless integration with other business software not only saves Kaufer’s time and money, but also helps them build customer relations.